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There is more to quality design than a pretty face. The experience and approach of Mark Owen Pritchard Design Services will produce better results beginning by asking you the right questions.

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The Importance of the Free Initial Consultation

Like all the others, our website features photos of some of the homes and other buildings we've designed and, of course, we hope you find them attractive. But, if you're going to make what could be the largest single expenditure in your lifetime, you should expect much more than just good looks.

The free initial consultation is your opportunity to discuss your design ideas and desires and learn how we can help you realize them with our design services. It's your chance to ask us questions about style, materials, floor plans, construction costs, and the design process itself.

You'll also hear our questions and suggestions and get a sense of how we'll gather information from you in order to achieve the exceptional results you deserve. So bring your notes and pictures and let's talk about your project. There is no obligation, so call us today!